This fanfiction is not complete.

Hi, so like i have never done a fanfiction before so yeah.

And its going to be terrible everyone so get ready to die with cringe because I suck at fanfictions.

Ok lets start this thing off.

Wait a moment

I have no idea what to write about...

*4567654676463787467382567656 pieces of imagination toast later*


Ok i have a short idea I'll edit later

In Kart Kingdom we have the not so top reporter anymore called K.

K is nice but she can lie to us alot

Don't believe me?

Lets start off what she always does when she lies

K says something like this "Ok guys I forgot where the black karts were so you need to find them also blah blah blah blah ok bye"

Everyone in KK is always like "Welp, ok then, this should be easy"

(I promise this will be better later)

Gawain: Why do you think she forgot where they are?

Sussettey: Idk, she most likely is just trying to make everyone know where they are.

The every next week...


Everyone: Yeah, we figured that you knew al-

K: SHHHHHHHHHHHHH Anyways, here are some hints that are totally not going to make it so you know where they are, anyways blah blah blah blah ok bye everyone see you next week"

Me: Wow I think K has run out of ideas to write about

Yumms: Yeah

(This seems like a roleplay i know, but I'm going to try to make it a fanfiction)

Gus is almost all the time upset at K for lying.

Gus would always say "Can't you figure out some way besides lying?"

K: I don't know, maybe i should make 14+ secret codes and reveal them all in 2 months like in fall of 2016-


K: Ok

Bishop also knows K lies alot, he was the one who made everyone forget about the red button CC pressed expect Gawain, Elks, Sussettey, and a few others. But even he agrees there needs to be a better way.

The users of KK don't seem to mind for too long. But who knows how long that could last.

And I'm failing at this so hard I really want to end this

Actually lets end this stupid piece of cringe right now

K woke up the next morning and then everything exploded the end

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