Many times have we asked who K really is, but no answer has come but "you shouldn't share personal info". But if one day we secretly found out,what would happen? Here's the story. 

" Come on Gawain!" Ge2f said, running up a hill. "Couldn't we have taken our karts?" Gawain said, slowly walking up. They were just about to get to Chicago where K worked. "You want to know who K is, don't you?" Ge2f said to Gawain, who was panting. "I do I do it's just I feel like I climbed up a mountain!" Gawain said. Ge2f continued walking up the hill, leaving Gawain behind. Once she got into Chicago she looked around. Gawain wasn't there. Then, Ge2f spotted him. 

I am tired to be continued tomorrow. Maybe.